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Tāla Tarang

Eleanor Turner (Harp) and Mendi Singh (Tabla Tarang)

About Tāla Tarang

Tāla Tarang - Rhythm Waves
Tabla and Harp

Our first ever online course is now online at Teachable!

Tala Tarang are looking forward to performing at the 2022 Sentmenat Harp Festival in Spain, this coming July. Stay tuned!

Tala Tarang have been enjoying giving Zoom workshops so don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries about those!

Tāla Tarang embody a special chemistry, through a subtle yin-yang of two halves creating a whole. Their repertoire includes original music, folk tunes, classic pop, Bollywood, Western Classical and World music; it is a truly unique sound experience.
Tāla Tarang, which means Rhythm Waves, is aptly named as it sums up everything about this duo and their music as each performance takes both audience and the artists on a journey; like the oscillations of a wave.

Eleanor met Mendi in 2014 after hearing him at a concert with other world music artists. Since then, their friendship has grown through not only their shared love of music, but also their passion for food (Mendi always cooks a curry to fuel their rehearsals!), travelling and philosophising about family and life-changing events. All of these shared experiences and long 'curry chats' deeply influence their original compositions.

Mendi Singh, one of the UK's most celebrated tabla specialists today has collaborated with artists such as Pundit Shalil Shankar, Peter Gabriel, Take That, Akram Khan, Courtney Pine. In 2015 he composed the world's first Tabla Tarang Concerto. Eleanor Turner is likewise one of the UK's most cherished harp talents, forging a unique and varied path through her life in music. So far, as a duo they have performed concerts in London, Birmingham and Lincoln. In 2020 Tāla Tarang will be touring in the UK and releasing an EP.

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