"scrupulous attention to the harp's dynamic and rhythmic possibilities" The Times
Eleanor Turner is a harpist and composer who creates unique shows for herself and her ensemble to perform worldwide. She is a leading expert on contemporary harp music, a composer and producer. 

Eleanor's news

Upcoming concerts

Thursday 13th April 8-8.45pm 'Sanctuary' with Lisa Nelsen (flute) and Eleanor Turner. Unticketed event, donations welcome. 

Sunday 16th April 3pm concert with Clare O'Connell 'Towards Light' at Northend Village Hall, RG9 6LF: www.northendconcerts.co.uk

Eleanor Turner (harp) and Clare O’Connell (cello) have gathered together an evocative programme exploring themes of darkness, reflection and light  including works by JS Bach, Arvo Pärt, Claude Debussy, Astor Piazolla and Alex Mills, whose piece, Zenith, depicts the highest point reached by a heavenly body, the sun,  at  the Summer Solstice.

Thursday 8th May 8-8.45pm  'Sanctuary' at Stamford URC Eleanor Turner (harp) and Wayne Bennet (bass/guitar). Unticketed event, donations welcome. 

Saturday 13th May 7.30pm concert with Clare O'Connell for Thistleton Festival, St. Nicholas Church, Main Street, Thistleton, Rutland, LE15 7RE

May 18th 8pm Muzikstan world music concert with Tala Tarang (Eleanor Turner and Mendi Singh on tabla) at the St. Columba United Reformed Church, Moseley, Birmingham.

Thursday 8th June 8-8.45pm 'Sanctuary' at Stamford URC with David Le Page (violin) and Eleanor Turner (harp)

Wednesday 14th June Aquilae Duo (Lisa Nelsen, flute, and Eleanor Turner, harp) perform for Ludlow Music Society

Monday 10th July 7pm Retreat to the harp Monthly on Zoom, hosted by Keziah Thomas, Eleanor is teaching.

Sunday 3rd September 3pm at Launde Abbey, Aquilae Flute and Harp Duo

Saturday 9th September 7.30pm Tala Tarang concert with Mendi Singh at Binham Priory, Norfolk

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Eleanor will be providing the music for a music based reflective 'service' at her church in Stamford, called Sanctuary, 40 minutes from 8pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month October to June each year (started February 2022) featuring various artists alongside Eleanor and curated by her. 

Get Ready for Grades Level 3 is now LIVE online at Eleanor's Online Harp School at Teachable. Click this link to view the course curriculum and enjoy a free preview of two of the ten lessons! Get Ready for Grades Level 3 | Eleanor Turner's Online Harp School (teachable.com)

Please find below a mixtape of six pieces curated by Eleanor and cellist and fellow composer Clare O'Connell. Recently launched as a duo, the pair are working on collecting their sonic inspirations as they create an album of pieces inspired by the novel Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter. Clare and Ellie have released a couple of videos so far on their youtube channel, YouTube.com/oconnellandturner and you can also follow and support them on Bandcamp at OConnellandTurner.Bandcamp.com

ENSO CARDS. Currently Sold Out for the second time! Reviews:

Review in UKHA magazine, Spring 2021 online, by Katherine Thomas: Click here for 1 page PDF

Review in Pan magazine, July 2021, by Carla Rees: Click here for 1 page PDF

Ellie has a YouTube account YouTube.com/EleanorStrings so please do visit and please Subscribe while you're there. Follow Eleanor @eleanorstrings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud for news, uploads, videos and creative vibrations! 

Book Ellie for a remote recording session, via the website SoundBetter.com. Here's a link to her profile: https://soundbetter.com/profiles/232852-eleanor-turner

THE THREE WAVES  Eleanor's course on Indian classical music is online at eleanorturner.teachable.com. It is a co-production between her and Mendi Singh in which you learn the basics of Indian classical music: Ragas, Rhythm and Rhetoric. Learn how to explore the Charukeshi and Asavari raags, Taal - the system of beat cycles in Indian classical music, and the kind of shapes and gestures used in improvisations. It's suitable for lever and pedal harpists of all levels and is currently being enjoyed by other instrumentalists, too! Try this taster page now: https://eleanorturner.teachable.com/courses/the-three-waves-harp-and-tabla-experience-by-tala-tarang/lectures/17552861

The course was made with support from the UKHA (United Kingdom Harp Association) and can be accessed for FREE if you are a member of the UKHA, via a coupon code that you get via the Members Only section of their new website, www.ukharp.net. If you're not a UKHA member, and you don't even need to be a harp player to take the course, you can access the course for $50 or for just £10 if you support Eleanor via Patreon. 

COURSE online for Advanced Harpists! Elizabeth Bass, international competition winner, chamber musician, orchestral harpist and tutor has created an online course specifically for Eleanor Turner's Teachable platform. The course is just £40 or £70 including a one on one lesson over Zoom, or in person in Bedford, with Elizabeth (at your mutual convenience). It's called The Imagination Feeds The Technique.