"Ms Turner's love of the music makes her an amazing artist with high ambitions for her students."  Sylvana Labeyrie, France

Eleanor holds Intensive Study days at her home in Stamford, England. London Stansted Airport is a 1 hour 40 mins direct train to Stamford, which is a quaint and beautiful market town. You are welcome to stay at Eleanor's home, which is a ten minute walk from the town centre and just minutes from a supermarket, sports centre, swimming pool and other amenities such as Arts Centre and Library. Eleanor shares her home with her three children (21, 12 and 2 years old). If you would prefer to stay in a local hotel, apartment or bed and breakfast, Eleanor can put you in touch with several options within a walking distance of her house.

A two or three day course is ideal for fine-tuning repertoire for recording, studying contemporary music such as Schafer's 'The Crown of Ariadne', preparing Deborah Henson-Conant's music (DHC recommends Eleanor ), or developing a show or project. Eleanor also specialises in the interpretation of 19th century harp repertoire and has access to an 1820 Erard harp that has a rich and fascinating history (bought by Madame Felicite La Comtesse de Genlis for her student Alfred Lemaire). By prior arrangement, this harp can be used for your lessons. 

Since covid, a lot of Eleanor's tuition is taking place online and this continues to be a preferable option for a lot of people. 

Eleanor has available for use two full-size Salvi pedal harps, a Camac 32 string electroharp plus her sound system, loop stations and effects pedals. A metronome, tuning key, electronic tuning machine, and spare strings are provided. Wifi, bedding, towels and meals are also included in the tuition cost which is £60 per hour for a minimum of 5 hours over a minimum of 2 days. You are not expected to make any payment towards food or accommodation, both of which are very humble! For enquiries, including availability, email info@eleanorturner.com

"I rediscovered my love for harp after the study weekend. Ms Turner helped me grow my technique to a level that I felt control over the sound and tone I could produce. The most inspiring aspect was Ms Turner's passion and musicality. I learnt not only about the harp but also about music as a whole. My inner fire for music was fuelled by Ms Turner's presence and passion."  Vivienne Janse van Rensburg, South Africa