The Dussek Duo is a duo of piano and harp that perform exclusively on authentic period instruments; usually, French instruments from the turn of the 19th century. Early keyboard specialist Douglas Hollick and harpist Eleanor Turner are both full of passion for and knowledge about the music of the 1800s.

Douglas Hollick has spent his life so far with early keyboard instruments – as a maker and restorer, and as an internationally acclaimed player of organ, harpsichord and fortepiano. His instrument collection includes two English pianos – a square of 1811 by Clementi, and a grand of 1809 by Broadwood.

Recently, Douglas aquired a beautiful golden Erard harp from around 1800, one of the first ever double-action pedal harps (the type of concert harp that is still made and played today).

This Erard harp has been carefully restored by Tecwyn Jones of North Wales and is in excellent playing condition. It even has working shutters at the back of the soundboard that can not only add resonance or create a dampened effect (depending on whether they are open or shut, as operated by an eighth pedal!) but by wobbling the pedal, the shutters create a stunning vibrato that was used for expression.

The quality and beauty of the instruments coupled with a varied, virtuosic repertoire for harp and piano duo, make for a really enjoyable and exciting collaboration between Douglas and Eleanor. They are performing together in concert from 2011 and are currently rehearsing repertoire by Jan Ladislav Dussek, Francois Joseph Naderman, Dalvimare, Mozart, CPE Bach and others. 

Sample programme by The Dussek Duo