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Here ARE the PDFs about Ellie's Practice Challenge:

Challenge Invitation

Practice Overview - to fill in and email to Ellie

How to take part in the practice challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the two PDFs for harpists who are gently getting back in the saddle: 

Text worksheet
Music worksheet
Link to 7 minute video on Vimeo
Please do send Ellie some feedback at if her advice has been useful. Read on to learn about the elementary online harp learning course she has created with Keziah Thomas!

Get Ready for Grades

is a new online course journey by Keziah Thomas and Eleanor Turner. They both feel that between each grade, you can isolate around ten new skills that need to be mastered in order to smoothly progress to the level of the next grade. By identifying and separating these key skills, they become less overwhelming and very satisfying to master. Relevant to Trinity and ABRSM grades. For US harpists this would correspond with the level of McDonald and Wood Solos Vol 2-3.
Please visit Ellie's Online Harp School at Teachable to view the Course Curriculum and access two sample lessons: Get Ready for Grades Level 3 | Eleanor Turner's Online Harp School (

Get Ready for Grades Level 3

Keziah and Eleanor have started with this level, because the first HUGE jump in skills needed is between Grade 2 and Grade 3.
Click here to access a sample PDF from the Octaves lesson: MUFFLE SHUFFLE
Now watch the video below and join in with the exercise!

Aquilae Duo Flute and Harp Course materials

Welcome to our course materials. Anything that needs to be added throughout the weekend will go here, and below you will find our flute and harp exercises:

1. Triplet Scales in D major and G major (flute and harp on same page)

Ex 1 Video of harp part:

Ex 2 Video of harp part:

2. Triplet and Spiral scales in C and F majors (flute and harp on same page)

Ex 3 Video of harp part:

Ex 4 Video of harp part:

3. 5 note scales starting G major

Ex 5 Video of harp part:

4. Broken chords in D

Ex 6 Video of harp part:

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