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Eleanor Turner long biography 2017 (495 words) PDF

Eleanor Turner long biography 2017 (495 words) Word file

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Eleanor Turner medium biography 2017 (249 words) Word file

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Eleanor Turner short biographies 2017 Word file

“She's not just a harpist. She's such an amazing musician...  She has so much to share, in such a high level. Passion and  professionalism live in a unique person. “      Vanja Contu

Here are a variety of photos of Eleanor, each with a description underneath. Please click on the titles to view, save and use the photos.


Current photos by Ivan Barra, please credit to Ivan Barra

Eleanor 1

Eleanor 2

Eleanor 3

Eleanor 4

Eleanor Delta Harp

Eleanor with Delta Harp (no light)

 Older photos and ensemble photos

May 2015 photo by Benjamin Ealovega

Another photo by Benjamin Ealovega

Photo 1 of Eleanor Turner photo by Harleymoon Kemp

Photo 2 of Eleanor Turner photo by Philip Stewart

Photo 3 of Eleanor Turner playing harp, by Philip Stewart

Photo 4 of Eleanor Turner Eleanor rehearsing 'The Crown of Ariadne' with percussion instruments, photo by Co Broerse

Photo 5 of Eleanor Turner Eleanor in costume performing on golden Erard 1820 harp

Photo 6 of Eleanor Turner Eleanor mid-performance on her green Salvi 'Echo' electro-acoustic harp, photo by Grace Kirby

Photo 7 of Eleanor Turner Photo of Eleanor Turner, harp and the sea in Scotland, near St. Combs, Fraserburgh, photo by Philip Stewart

Photo 8 of Eleanor Turner Colourful, more casual photo of Eleanor playing the harp, taken by Alexander Van Ingen

Photo 9 of Eleanor Turner Eleanor as 'Scheherazade' in performance of 996 by Deborah Henson-Conant, photo by Jakez Francois

Photo 10 of Eleanor Turner Dramatic photo of Eleanor performing on her Camac electric harp at the Dutch International Festival, photo by Elizabeth Jaxon

Photo 11 of Eleanor Turner Natural photo of Eleanor by her friend, Libby Summers

Photo 12 of Eleanor Turner Ellie as herself, by Libby Summers

Photo 13 of Eleanor Turner Photo of Eleanor with black Salvi 'Apollo' harp, in front of Tolethorpe Hall, photo by Bob Shepherd 

Photo 14 of Eleanor Turner Photo of Eleanor engaging with 'elderly' (great fun!) audience member at a Live Music Now concert many years ago - still a favourite photo to showcase Eleanor's outreach work

Photo 15 of Eleanor Turner Expressive photo of Eleanor with harp, in front of graffiti wall, photo by David Gibson

Photo 16 of Eleanor Turner Dramatic black and white photograph of Eleanor performing the Ginastera Harp Concerto at the Dutch International Harp Festival in 2010, photo by Nike Martens

Photo 17 of Eleanor Turner Eleanor the doll...performing street music in London one by David Gibson

Photo 18 of Eleanor Turner - headshot 1 black and white

Photo 19 of Eleanor Turner - smiling headshot black & white

Photo 20 of Eleanor Turner - headshot (colour)


Photo of Aquilae Flute and Harp Duo with Lisa Nelsen, flute

photo by Carla Rees

(NB, Lisa Nelsen spelling of Nelsen!)

Photo of Dussek Duo with Douglas Hollick, piano

photo by our friend, John Mercer

Photo of Eleanor Turner with fellow doll, Lizzie Gough, hiphop dancer

Photo of Alan Thomas

Eleanor's wonderful guitarist/composer colleague, Alan Thomas

Photo of Alan Thomas and Eleanor performing at the Sentmenat Harp Festival in Spain 2013

Photo of Eleanor and her baby. Artemis (now 5!) for Cosy Concerts

Fun photo of Aquilae Duo Lisa Nelsen and Eleanor Turner (with a beard)