"endless energy, mesmerising talent and unswerving commitment" Julian Bigg, Conductor
Eleanor Turner is a harpist and composer who creates unique shows for herself and her ensemble to perform worldwide. She is a member of contemporary folk band Ranagri, a leading expert on contemporary harp music, a composer and producer. 

Eleanor's news, online courses and live streams

There are still a handful of places available on Ruth Faber's Teenage Harp Course which is now in its tenth year! This is the first time it has gone online and Keziah Thomas, Eleanor Turner and Ruth Faber are greatly looking forward to welcoming up to 20 participants (most spaces are now booked so please act quickly if you think this course is right for you or your student or child). There is a video about the course here and all the info you need is on the Harp Courses website here. The course is designed for committed students who would benefit from concentrated practice and tuition over four days (in sensible doses!) from the 31st July to the 4th August with a Meet and Greet (online) on Sunday 26th July so that everyone can have a chance to get to know each other and receive some practice goals and the course timetable before the course starts!

There will also be a private Zoom concert for course participants and select invited guests, by Keziah Thomas and Eleanor Turner as part of the course. 

RANAGRI have a new video out on YouTube: Courting Is A Pleasure, filmed in Northeim in Germany before lockdown of course, by Emre Meydan. This track is a Bandcamp exclusive: 

Eleanor's live gig from Tuesday 30th June, in support of the Glasbury Arts Harps In Schools project, with guest artist performance from Tasha Burns, is available to watch (two separate vidoes)on her facebook page Facebook.com/eleanorstrings 

Her encore of Deborah Henson-Conant's Baroque Flamenco from Eleanor's Metro Harp gig can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/metroharp/videos/581997556056277/

Other videos from Ellie are on her YouTube account YouTube.com/SassyHarp so please do take a visit and please Subscribe while you're there. Follow Eleanor @eleanorstrings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud for news, uploads, videos and creative vibrations! Wishing love and safety to you all, around the World, during the current pandemic.

Book Ellie for a remote recording session, via the website SoundBetter.com. Here's a link to her profile: https://soundbetter.com/profiles/232852-eleanor-turner

Eleanor is loving a variety of online work: Recording, recording, recording, streaming concerts, creating tuition courses (more of those coming really soon), giving one to one lessons via Zoom (a wonderful platform for sharing not just the live stream lesson or class, but also teaching materials and videos) and creating exclusive content through PATREON where you can sign up for as little as £1 per month to show support to Eleanor in her creative work. Sign up for rewards, videos, sheet music where useful, first-to-know info and discounts. Link to Eleanor's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EleanorStrings and feel free to request an online lesson with Eleanor. info@eleanorturner.com

NEW COURSE coming soon to Teachable: Elizabeth Bass (one of Eleanor's colleagues who was once a student of hers) teaches a course for Intermediate to Advanced Pedal Harpists, called 'The Imagination Feeds The Technique'. This course will be £40 to access and goes live on July 16th. Exclusive discounts and gifts will be given to Eleanor's Patreon supporters.

THE THREE WAVES  Eleanor's NEW COURSE is now online at eleanorturner.teachable.com. It is a co-production between her and Mendi Singh in which you learn the basics of Indian classical music: Ragas, Rhythm and Rhetoric. We touch on Charukeshi and Asavari raags, Taal - the system of beat cycles in Indian classical music, and the kind of shapes and gestures used in improvisations. It's suitable for lever and pedal harpists of all levels and is currently being enjoyed by other instrumentalists, too! Try this taster page now: https://eleanorturner.teachable.com/courses/the-three-waves-harp-and-tabla-experience-by-tala-tarang/lectures/17552861

The course was made with support from the UKHA (United Kingdom Harp Association) and can be accessed for FREE if you are a member of the UKHA, via a coupon code that you can get from Friday via the Members Only section of their new website, www.ukharp.net.

If you're not a UKHA member, and you don't even need to be a harp player to take the course, you can access the course for $50 or for just £10 if you support Eleanor via Patreon. 

Link to Eleanor's new course: The Three Waves by Tala Tarang - you can read about the course right now, there are videos and information to help you to decide whether it's for you or not! It's a course that would initially take around 2 hours to read and watch the whole thing: there are three 'waves' which all include 2 PDFs, a 20 minute video in which Eleanor and Mendi verbally teach (so this course is for you if you do - or don't - read western notation sheet music) and a fun quiz! There are a couple of extra exercises and suggested listening. If you enjoy the lessons, you can keep going over the videos to play along with Mendi on the tabla. It is for harpists (pedal, lever or Paraguayan) primarily, but other instrumentalists will benefit from it too, as well as music appreciators in general!