Eleanor Turner


Photo: Benjamin Ealovega

Social media and news:If you use tumblr, you can follow Eleanor's blog here. Eleanor is also on Soundcloud as Eleanor Turner 3. If you like pictures, follow 'eleanorharpist' on InstagramEleanor also has a page on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter as she harps around the World!

Eleanor is a member of 4 Girls 4 Harps, a harp quartet who have celebrated their 15 year anniversary by founding the British Harp Chamber Music Competition and commissioning a superb new work by four outstanding women composers: Nicola LeFanu, Savourna Stevenson, Alissa Firsova and Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Four of Eleanor's tried and tested arrangements, for 4 harp ensemble, are available to purchase and download at Harp Column Music. Click here.


Welcome to eleanorturner.com  

Eleanor's next concert is on Tuesday August 30th at 8pm at St.George's Church, Stamford, 'A Song for Hope' with Tracy Fehr, a superb coloratura soprano from the USA, raising money for ACT Tunisia. Free but any donations will be welcomed with thanks.Stunning opera favourites by Mozart, Puccini, Handel and more, plus harp solos.

On Sunday 4th September there are two chances to hear Eleanor perform live; in the beautiful surroundings of Easton Walled Gardens, near Grantham, 10.30am - 3.30pm and at 6pm, alongside one of her top students - Vanja Contu from Italy - Eleanor will perform at Launde Abbey, near Oakham.

See Concerts page for details of all of Eleanor's upcoming performances!

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Intensive Study: Eleanor invites students from around the world to join her at her home in Stamford for 1-3 days.

€œEleanor Turner is a very personal artist; she captures the warmness of the South American rhythm and timbres. She is a professional and intelligent performer as well as a mature artist.  Bart van Oort