"endless energy, mesmerising talent and unswerving commitment" Julian Bigg, Conductor
Eleanor Turner is a harpist and composer who creates unique shows for herself and her ensemble to perform worldwide. She is a member of contemporary folk band Ranagri, a leading expert on contemporary harp music, a composer and producer. 

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Flute and Harp course 27 July to 1 August with Lisa Nelsen and Eleanor Turner at Aberystwyth MusicFest! Apply now - you can apply on your own and meet a flautist there! 16+ and adults are encouraged, amateurs, students and professionals. See course schedule on Concerts Page. https://musicfestaberystwyth.org/events/flute/

Friday 9th August 7.30pm  'Seasons of the Harp' concert with Keziah Thomas at Johnson Hall, Millfield School, Street, BA16 0YD. Music by Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Reich, Brandee Younger, Lauren Scott and more. Free but donations are welcome. No need to buy a ticket but if you have any queries about the concert, please email Ruth Faber at harpcourses@gmail.com