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Two Moors Festival Residency

Posted by Eleanor Turner on Thursday, May 8, 2014
April 13-17 Attacca Trio spent four wonderful days at Barkham, home of the Two Moors Festival in Devon, working hard on Debussy's exquisite Sonata for flute, viola and harp and other pieces, all influenced strongly by war and illness. It was a time of deep reflection and concentration and we are immensely grateful to John and Penny Adie for supporting our residency proposal and enabling us to spend that time together with no distractions. Personally, I enjoyed having the time to read (Debussy Remembered by Roger Nicholls and dipping into books about the First World War, by Martin Gilbert) and being able to practice later than I normally do (I cease fire at about 10pm to save my neighbours' sanity, but at Barkham this isn't necessary!) I feel much more peaceful about the repertoire we were studying and look forward to a similar opportunity again!

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