Tips and links for all harp students


Welcome, harpists! Eleanor is Principal Harp Tutor at Birmingham Conservatoire alongside Katherine Thomas (orchestral and pedagogy classes) and Catrin Finch (International Chair, visiting prof for workshops and inspiring classes twice per term)

Our next public event is a masterclass with Remy van Kesteren on Monday 7th March 2016, preceding Remy's recital in the Birmingham Town Hall. All welcome to watch the masterclass (starts at 11am) and of course join us across the road at the Town Hall for the 6pm concert, but do email if you would like to attend.

On Friday April 15th Mared Emlyn (harpist and composer) will visit us at Birmingham Conservatoire to give a masterclass on her composition 'Perlau yn y glaw' and writing for the harp, as a harpist. 

Eleanor is also the Harp Teacher at Uppingham School and Stamford Endowed Schools. She teaches a small amount of private students on a fortnightly basis at her home studio. Please make an enquiry to Eleanor if you're interested in having regular lessons, a consultation or a one-off.

Eleanor enjoys sharing her skills and philosophies, using extensively garnered knowledge of the harp and music throughout history to infuse the next generation with passion and confidence. Eleanor encourages students to engage in extensive research, invest in intelligent practice and to learn from other instrumentalists, composers and conductors. Discipline is a path to artistic freedom and Eleanor believes there is room for everyone in this wonderful, musical life.

You can only view the sub-page 'Eleanor Turner Students' if you are a student of Eleanor's and have the password (available from Eleanor only). However, here on this page is some vital info and useful links for all harpists and harp students, that Eleanor loves to share.

Intensive Study Sessions - Eleanor has been teaching for over ten years and Eleanor welcomes harpists from many different countries, and British harpists too of course, to study with her intensively at her home in Stamford. To find out more about these study experiences, please visit the Intensive Harp Study page.

United Kingdom Harp Association Every harp enthusiast in the country should be a member of this wonderful, inclusive organisation.

Harp Courses

Eleanor is teaching on Ruth Faber's SENIOR course only, which is for 14-18 year olds. The Junior course is also excellent and Ruth mostly uses group and ensemble teaching to boost the young (9-13 year old) students' confidence. The courses are both held at Millfield School, Street, Somerset. Click on the text to view the course flyer.

Ruth Faber Junior Course  RF Junior p2&3   RF Junior p4

Ruth Faber Senior Course   RF Senior p2  RF Senior p3   RF Senior p4