Eleanor's Discs


“an agile and assured performance from Eleanor Turner, who shines throughout the recording”           Gramophone magazine, 2009, 'Paths of Song' CD 

Here is Eleanor's discography. You can also find video clips on Eleanor's youtube channel, sassyharp. Eleanor recently appeared with Voces8 on two of their albums, 'LUX' and 'Winter', available on itunes. 

 The Song of the Stars NAXOS 8573427

New recording out now, on NAXOS - The Song of the Stars by Wells Cathedral School Choralia with Eleanor Turner and Elliot Launn, directed by Christopher Finch. Available on itunes, Naxos Direct, Amazon and others. 

 El Paño Moruno AIF05

No longer available on CD, this album is full of duende (soul). Manuel de Falla, Casals and Piazzolla, a J.S. Bach viola da gamba sonata and an 'East meets West' cello and harp sonata by Ravi Shankar.

 Paths of Song SIGCD203

Atmospheric music for Harp and String Quartet, featuring Eleanor Turner, Nicola Thomas (cello), Solstice Quartet, Sacconi Quartet, Philippa Davies (flute) and David Campbell (clarinet)

Elusive Symmetry GUITAR CLASSICS 700261969305

Music for guitar, electro-acoustic harp and computer by Alan Thomas and Eleanor Turner. "The music was inspired by M.C. Escher's pictures...Some of the compositions are quite surreal and impressionistic while others are just simply, beautiful." Classical Guitar


The Crown of Ariadne CHRCD041 

Contemporary solo harp music that shows what a powerful and creative instrument the harp is. 'The Crown of Ariadne' by Raymond Murray Schafer, 'Rokudan' by Mayuzumi, 'Reminiscences of Tranquillity' by Yinam Leef, 'Tratti per arpa' by Ig Henneman and 'Sweet Blues' by Bernard Andres. 

4 Girls 4 Harps at Christmas  DMV107 

Released in 2013, Classic FM featured this disc on their 'Drive' show, BBC Music Magazine praised the 'watertight' ensemble and 'sparkling' arrangements. 

****BBC Music Magazine